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where is my spaceship is mostly josh evensen. he lives in new jersey (the top part).

mostly crocodile was recorded over the past 4 years in a garbage bag floating on the hudson. josh was never afraid of drowning. it was released in 2015 and met with widespread critical acclaim. more or less. pretty much. basically everyone everywhere loved it.

josh is working on a new album now. everyone everywhere will love it.

live, where is my spaceship is also: joe evensen (drums), dan patrick leal (bass), and will frazier (guitar).
a burner... 'a fucking monster'...
a motherfucker
wistful hope... absolutely fresh and charming.
it is evident that Evensen is holding onto something distant he’s enjoyed a few [jack] and cokes before stepping up the karaoke mic to do a sad sad country song
the sentiment is sometimes that of a six-year-old throwing a tantrum
like watching a train careen off the rails... a toxic emotional breakdown.
completely pigeon holed
a fury of wails, guitar shredding, and trumpets
"caterwauling... grinding... relentless... "
"a life milestone."
"not bad"
"slim and gently bearded"
"Ne reste plus qu'à attendre le prochain."
"too cerebral for this crowd"
- jeff marzcak
"they did a straightforward cover of the Misfits' Last Caress"

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