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nothing comes easy and nothing comes cheap and u need a little help from ur dear old long time pals and u write an album and its called DIEFAILING and everyone loves it very very much
universal acclaim for mostly crocodile
a burner... 'a fucking monster'...
a motherfucker
wistful hope... absolutely fresh and charming.
it is evident that Evensen is holding onto something distant he’s enjoyed a few [jack] and cokes before stepping up the karaoke mic to do a sad sad country song
the sentiment is sometimes that of a six-year-old throwing a tantrum
like watching a train careen off the rails... a toxic emotional breakdown.
completely pigeon holed
a fury of wails, guitar shredding, and trumpets
"caterwauling... grinding... relentless... "
"a life milestone."
"not bad"
"slim and gently bearded"
"Ne reste plus qu'à attendre le prochain."
"too cerebral for this crowd"
- jeff marzcak
"they did a straightforward cover of the Misfits' Last Caress"

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